The Chief Medical Officer’s Office/ Civil Service Occupational Health Department are based on the 5th Floor, 90 North King Street, Smithfield, Dublin 7. The staff consist the Chief Medical Officer, three Occupational Health physicians, three specialised Occupational Health Nurses and clerical/administrative staff.

Doctors and nurses have specialist training in occupational health, and regularly update their knowledge and skills. Your GP is an expert when it comes to treating your illness. However, occupational health doctors and nurses have an expert knowledge of how health can affect your work and have a special knowledge of your work and workplace.

The primary role of CMO/CSOHD is to assist the workplace rehabilitation of sick employees, advice on day to day work and health issues and protect employee health through health screening and immunisation programmes. The CMO is also involved in policy issues relating to work and health.

We provide a wide variety of occupational health services to civil servants, prison officers and various other public sector employees including


  • Pre- Employment health assessments
  • Workplace rehabilitation of employees with health problems
  • Ill health retirement assessments
  • Immunisations
  • Health surveillance (e.g. Audiology Hearing Checks)
  • Health screening and health promotion (e.g. Cholesterol/ Diabetes Checks)
  • Advice on Issues Relating To Work and Health