pre-employmentsThe pre-employment medical assessment is done to establish a candidate’s fitness to perform the job without undue risk to themselves or others. It also helps identify if workplace modifications or adjustments are required due to a disability.

There are three different levels of pre-employment assessment;

· Health Declaration
· Health Questionnaire
· Combined Health Questionnaire and Medical Examination.

A Health Declaration is a self-completed questionnaire. If a candidate declares that they have a health condition or disability, they are requested to complete a Health Questionnaire and forward it to the CSOHD (Civil Service Occupational Health Department) for medical review. On review, further information may be required such as a confidential doctor’s report for further clarification. On occasion, the candidate may be required to attend for an appointment at the CSOHD.

A Health Questionnaire is automatically required for technical / professional positions and posts involving manual work. The Health Questionnaire is forwarded it to the CSOHD for medical review.

A Health Questionnaire combined with a Medical Examination is automatically required for specific positions e.g. hospital consultants are screened for blood borne viruses and prison officers may be required to undertake a physical fitness test. The medical examination is performed by a doctor from a panel nominated by the CSOHD and not a candidates own GP. A copy of this list of doctors can be made available on request to the Public Appointments Service (PAS) / HR sections who directly recruit staff.

Following assessment of the medical information, PAS or the employing department are advised of the candidates medical fitness for work and any workplace adjustments required under Employment Equality legislation. All pre-employment medical records, audiograms etc are retained confidentially in the CSOHD for future reference.